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Japan Business Consulting Service

Asia Pacific market is very attractive to anyone looking for new markets. Such an expansion, however, needs to be thoroughly researched and planned to ensure your timing is right. Research on politics, legal, economic, socio-culture and technology shall provide you with insights to determine whether or not this is the right time to enter. We know that the foreign investment is often constrained by limited funds and resources. To solve this, we guide you through the piles of concern, providing a basis to make a right decision. Research and assessment of your project by our professionally talented trilingual team will identify issues and give you practical solutions.

Japan Business Operation Service

We offer a complete range of one-stop services accommodate to any type and size of business: from start-ups to superior enterprises. All information and advice are presented in a straightforward, understandable language that you should be able to make critical decisions in timely manner. Qualified and licensed experts support your all tasks like incorporation, accounting, key document drafting, translation, business license and Visa issues. We routinely keep contact and work with the major naitonal industrial parks and local investment promotion agencies, so that we can propose you options by studying current government and municipal policies, tax laws and business trends. We can locate an agent or joint venture partner as business referrals if suited for your case.

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